WISE and MRSG is keen to attract new members and provide quality information in support of local sustainability projects.

On 5 November, we invite you and your community to join the Launch Festival at the Hepburn Community Wind Farm on Leonards Hill, just outside Daylesford, from 12.30 – 5.30pm.
The launch will be a great day to celebrate people power and hopefully demonstrate to other  communities around the country the benefits of community renewable energy projects.
The family friendly event will feature local music, food stalls, wind farm tours, information booths and we are privileged to be hearing from David Karoly, one of Australia’s leading climate scientists.




The WISE AGM, on 29th September, 2011  featured a presentation from Pablo Brait from Beyond Zero Emissions. Pablo drew on research undertaken by the Melbourne Energy Research Institute which has demonstrated that Australia could be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2020.

WISE and MRSG events provide an opportunity to learn of domestic and community scale energy solutions and are also a great chance to meet other like minded locals interested in climate change and the environment.


Macedon Ranges wind power communications project.

WISE is currently preparing for the construction of an anemometer to provide live data on wind speeds, energy generation, project revenue and GHG abatement from a 3 turbine Macedon Ranges Community Wind Farm.

The majority of the funding has been provided by Sustainability Victoria (see WISE in the news).

The recent decision to ban wind farms across the entire Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme has led to a lot of media interest. The site chosen for the erection of the for the anemometer ( or wind mast) is not the site for a future wind farm but data produced will provide a good indication of the projects potential.



Other Relevant Campaigns

WISE opposes an expansion in brown coal generation and the possibility of a brown coal mine in neighbouring Morrabool Shire at Bacchus March. the cessation of coal fired power.

See details below of both campaigns.


Environment Victoria – No new coal mine campaign

You may have heard that a proposed new coal-fired power station for Victoria called HRL has recently been approved by the EPA.

If it goes ahead, it will be the first coal-fired power station to be built in Victoria for 20 years.  It will increase our greenhouse pollution by millions of tonnes each year and lock us into polluting, out-of-date technology for decades to come.

We need to stop this big polluter from going ahead, and move to a clean renewable energy future as soon as possible.

What action is EV taking?

Environment Victoria is spearheading a major campaign to stop this new coal-fired power station from going ahead.  We’ve got a two tiered strategy that we’re confident can stop HRL in their tracks.  But we need your help to make the strategy a reality.

#1.  We’re appealing the decision to approval HRL in the courts.

We’re heading to VCAT in October to argue that new coal-fired power stations shouldn’t be approved as ‘best practice’ in this day and age.  If we win, no new polluting coal-fired power station will ever be built again in Victoria – a lasting legacy for our environment.

#2. We’re coordinating a MONSTER petition to the Federal Government asking them to withdraw their funding of the power station. 

The State and Federal Government’s have put $150 million of taxpayer money on the table to make HRL a reality.  In fact, at this stage, they’re the only ones putting money into it, as Australia’s big four banks have made it clear that they aren’t supporting the project.  We need to make sure no new funders come on board and the best way to do that is to have the funding that they’ve already got – from our governments – withdrawn.

Right now we’ve got a real shot at convincing the Federal Government to withdraw the $100 million that they’ve put forward.  That’s why we’re coordinating a major petition to the Federal Government calling on them to withdraw their funding.  We’re aiming to gather 10,000 signatures in hard copy from across Victoria by the end of the year.

It’s a mammoth task, but we’re confident that with your help we can get there.

How your group can help: 

There are lots of ways that your group can get involved in building the petition, to help show that people from across the state want a clean energy future, not new polluting coal:

1.      Ask your members to sign the petition and return it to us – available to download here:

2.      Ask your members to take a petition form each and commit to get their friends and family to sign the petition. You can then either collect their forms and send them back to us all together, or they can send them in themselves. That way you’ll reach even more people in your community.

If anyone in your group wants to take it further you can hold community stalls in local shopping strips and farmers markets gathering signatures. If anyone is interested in stalls but your group doesn’t want to host them, you can suggest that they get involved in an EV stall.

How much work will it take?

That’s up to you – as a group or as individuals.  We’d appreciate as much time as you’ve got to give to help with this campaign, but we know that all community groups are working hard already.

Are you interested in getting involved?

Please get in touch with Victoria from Environment Victoria ( with any questions about the petition and how your group might like to be involved.

Environment Victoria was founded on the principle of community groups working together for our environment.  Now, we’re asking you again to join us in a major campaign, for a lasting impact.

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Safe Climate and Sustainable Transport Campaigner
Environment Victoria

I believe that by working together we can achieve a safe climate future.  Are you in?

Ph:  03 9341 8112  Mobile:  0428 480 409

Fax: 03 9341 8199
Post: PO Box 12575, A’Beckett Street, MELBOURNE  8006
Street Address: Level 2, 60 Leicester Street, CARLTON 3053