New CSIRO Study Finds That Majority of People Support Wind Farms!

A new study completed by the CSIRO Social Research Unit has found that a clear majority of people in regional communities support wind farms. The study also found a complete mis-match between the negative media about wind farms, and the actual strong level of support shown by communities.

“There is much stronger public support for wind farms than media coverage of the  issue would suggest, because a ”vocal minority” who oppose wind farms secure  the majority of media and political attention” according to the CSIRO research.  They also found that ‘You find more media stories supporting the case against wind farms than those  for it.  Whereas, going into the field and doing interviews at  community level, they have different reasons but many of them support the wind  farm. It just isn’t as apparent as the people who are able to find a short sharp  reason to reject it.”

This immediately begs the question:  how does this happen?  A perceived public health issue is a great way to attract media attention, despite the fact that the peak medical authority in Australia (NHMRC) found no such adverse health effects can be proved ‘with total certainty’.  But at the moment neither can it be totally disproved, and so it is manna from heaven for the anti-wind lobby.  The study, based on nine wind farms in various stages of development in NSW, VIC and SA concluded there was  strong support ”from rural  residents who do not seek media attention or political engagement to express  their views.  By contrast, more than half of all wind farm proposals  had been opposed by  members of the Landscape Guardian group”.   This lot are very vocal but actually few in number.

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